Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon, quite literally. Hand-built, decorative, stoneware platter with pooling, blue and green glaze.

The hand-building process used to make this platter imparts elements of randomness and unpredictability which you can see in it's contoured edges and in the creased, organic texture that defines its exterior surfaces. In direct contrast is the controlled pattern on the interior surface which seeks to impart a degree of order and creates an interesting interplay between randomness and control.

Continuing on this theme of contrast, the natural stoneware finish of the exterior surfaces is in counterpoint to the glazed and reflective finish of the interior surface. The runny glaze has a tendency to pool within the texture and exhibit different shades of blue and green all over, which is especially beautiful under sharp light.

It measures approximately 10" in diameter and 1/2" in thickness. By their very nature, hand-made products are one of a kind. Measurements will vary slightly and the sizes listed are approximate. Glaze colours are also likely to be subtly different from the photographs due to lighting conditions and environment.

In stock and ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

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