Dunk is a warm and friendly fantasy creature in the form of an upcycled bottle lamp, featuring the wood and lac turnery craft of Channapatna in Karnataka, India. It is inspired by the idea of finding beauty & joy in simple objects of daily use. Dunk was recently awarded Red Dot Design Award, Best of the Best, 2014, in Singapore.

Dunk is the latest animal to join Animal Farm, the series of endearing and lovable animal lamps. It is a warm and friendly fantasy creature and tells us an intimate story with a simple and elegant style. Its bold and symmetrical forms made out of turned and lacquered wood accentuate the beautiful glass silhouette that forms its body. It acts as a mood light and provides a soft glow that lends a warm and restful atmosphere to the surroundings.

Dunk is not designed to stay still in one place, but to travel through different rooms in the house or any other desired space, in a variety of situations and moods. On the corner table, in the book shelf, on the bed side table or a desk.

Naturally elegant in green, sharp and refined in black, warm and reassuring in yellow, bright and exuberant in red and orange, these five shades allow for everyone to choose their ideal dunk.

  • Dunk uses reclaimed beer bottles.
  • The current batch only consists of brown bottles. 
  • Organic dyes are used to color natural lacquer.
  • Lacquer colours are likely to be subtly different from the photographs due to lighting conditions and environment.
  • Ecologically friendly, low voltage LEDs are used as the source of light.
  • This is a handcrafted product and measurements will vary slightly. The sizes listed are approximate.
  • Package contains- Individually packed animal head, animal base with lighting fixture inside, brown glass bottle and a power cable with adapter.
  • Packaging details- Sturdy corrugated boxes with a lovingly hand-embdoidered Dunk on each. Paper and bubble wrap packaging on the inside. Each box contains an assembly instruction leaflet apart from other inserts.
  • Locally procured materials, skill and manpower.
  • Marriage of domestic craft and contemporary processes.
  • Handcrafted in India by master artisans of a nearly two centuries old traditional craft.

Weight of the product - 500gms *
Weight of the packaged product (at the time of shipping) - 1.5kgs *
Height of the product - 45cm *
Width at the base - 20cm *
Dimensions of the packaged box - 20x20x25cm (one unit) *

*Measurements, sizes and weights listed are approximate.
In stock and ready to ship in 5-6 business days.

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