SSB Petite 02

Smooth, Sharp & Bumpy - Petite configuration with 1+1 modules in black and carmine red.

Bold forms, vibrant colours and a wide range of customisation options are the calling cards of this latest range of pendant lamps. Each module is hand turned from seasoned blocks of light weight hale wood (Wrightia Tinctoria) and hand lacquered with vibrant, organically tinted lacquer to a high gloss finish.

The production and application of organic lacquer, in particular, is a laborious and skill-intensive process. Lacquer pucks are made malleable by heat and organic dyes are kneaded in. The tinted lacquer is shaped into 6-inch sticks and allowed to cool and harden. Lacquer application requires the tinted lac to be heated back to a malleable state (achieved by friction). Leaves of the Screw Pine (Pandanus Odoratissimus) plant are used to spread the lac evenly and achieve a high gloss finish.

Textures are everywhere around us, in our environment, to touch and perceive. This project attempts to gather some of these textures and abstract them to bold forms.

Each lamp is an example of meticulous craftsmanship that references a craft tradition dating back more than two hundred years.

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